Uninstall and Reinstall Webroot SecureAnywhere on Mac

To uninstall and reinstall Webroot SecureAnywhere on Mac, follow the instructions below.

** Part 1: Uninstall Webroot **

  1. Shut down SecureAnywhere by clicking the Webroot icon (green W) in the menu bar and selecting Shut Down SecureAnywhere.
  2. If prompted, confirm that you want to shut down SecureAnywhere.
  3. Open the Finder by clicking the Finder icon in the dock.
  4. Open the Applications directory.
  5. Click and drag the Webroot SecureAnywhere program icon into the Trash in the dock.
  6. A confirming window appears. Click Uninstall.
  7. Webroot SecureAnywhere is now uninstalled. There is no need to restart your computer.

** Part 2: Reinstall Webroot **

  1. Click Here http://anywhere.webrootcloudav.com/zerol/wsamac.dmg to download the SecureAnywhere installer to your Mac.
  2. Double-click wsamac.dmg to open the installer.
  3. Drag the Webroot SecureAnywhere icon into the Applications folder.
  4. Open the Applications folder by double-clicking the folder icon.
  5. In the Applications folder, double-click the Webroot SecureAnywhere icon to begin activation.
  6. In the first activation window, enter your keycode and click Activate.

Your keycode is: —E N T E R K E Y C O D E—

After you enter the keycode, a system prompt asks if you want to allow SecureAnywhere to make changes to your system.

  1. If prompted, confirm the installation by entering your Apple system password and click OK.
  2. The next screen describes SecureAnywhere’s Safari extension. Click the Install Safari Extension button, and confirm any prompts that appear.
  3. In the Safari dialog, click Install.
  4. When the Activation Successful screen opens, click Scan Now. Please allow this scan to complete. It will only take a few minutes to run.
  5. In the Scan Complete window, click Close. The main window opens.
  6. You can verify at any time that SecureAnywhere is running by looking for the Webroot icon (green W) in your menu bar.

Contact Webroot Technical Support:https://www.webroot.com/us/en/support/contact

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