F-Secure TOTAL – Installation Guide

Instructions on how to install the product from My F-Secure to your device.
To install the product on your computer:
•    Log in to My F-Secure with your account username and password.
•    Select Add device.
•    Choose whose device you want to protect, then select Continue.
•    Select This computer to install the product on your current device.

Tip: If you want to install the product on a different device:
Select the device type and then Continue.
Select how you want to deliver the installation link to the device and select Send.

Follow the instructions received in the installation link message.
•    Select Download for Windows to get the installation package.
•    Launch the downloaded installation package. The F-Secure product setup page opens.
•    The product automatically detects the pre-selected language used by the computer and sets the product to use the same language. If you want to change the product language, select it from the drop-down list located in the top-left corner of the setup page. If you later want to change the product language, you need to reinstall the product and select the language during the setup.
•    Read the End User License Terms and, if you agree to the terms, select Accept and continue. While the installation package installs the product to your device, follow the instructions shown onscreen. Once the installation is completed, it can take a few minutes before the product receives the latest updates. You can see your protection status on the main page of the product.
•    The product notifies you if your browser extension is not yet in use. To add the browser extension, select Set up on the notification shown on the product main page and follow the instructions shown onscreen.
Note: If you don’t see the browser extension notification, the extension is already in use.

If you used the wrong profile when installing the app and want to switch to a different one:
•    On the main view, select User from the top-right corner and then select Switch user.
•    Log in to your My F-Secure account.
•    Select the profile that you want to use, then select Continue.

Video Tutorial: Installing F-Secure app on your PC

Install F-Secure Total on Mac: Installation Guide for mac OS

Install F-Secure Total on Android/iPhone/iPad: Installation Guide for Android/iPhone/iPad

Please feel free to contact us or F-Secure Online Support for any further assistance.

F-Secure Chat Support: https://www.f-secure.com/en/home/support/contact

F-Secure UK Helpline: 0203 936 1490

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